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Los Sueños del Pueblo Achuar DVD

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Larry Lansburgh, author Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning documentary film maker Larry Lansburgh will speak to your organization about the
Dream People of the Amazon
Achuar Man Achuar Girl

Larry brings his audiences an inspiring message from the Achuar people of the Amazon rain forest in southeastern Ecuador. The Achuar are still living a traditional life deeply connected with nature, but they are also using ingenious strategies to deal with the pressures and threats of the modern world.

Larry's presentation includes selected scenes from his documentary film "Dream People of the Amazon."

Here is a 3-minute video summary of his presentation.

"Thank you for sharing with us your Amazon documentary and your experiences in making it. We still talk about your visit here. You've even inspired one of my classmates to do a research paper based on your presentation."

Julie Provenza
Class of 2011
Elmhurst College
Elmhurst, Illinois

“Larry’s presentations at Sierra College were more like gifts—gifts of travel, of understanding, and of compassion. Thanks to his efforts, my students were provided a brilliant window into the real world of geography, ecology, culture, and the realities of globalization.”

Joe Medeiros
Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Sierra College
Rocklin, California


(530) 263-4214


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